Product Overview

Cell analytics

Beverages analytics

Water analytics

Particle analytics

Large particle deposition

You need special knowledge for specific applications. You need instruments which do the job you have for them. This is what we provide. This is what keeps your head clear for your own business and accelerates your daily work.

Cell analytics

Simple, fast, precise, affordable: the instruments are as simple as a smart phone and can be handled by any lab technician – no need to go to the core facility. The unique combination of coulter principle and flow cytometry provides results in less than a minute. The coulter principle gives you precision and repeatability. The price of the analyzers will find a place in your budget.

Water analytics
TOC and ozone measurement give you what you need in a GMP environment.

Beverage analytics
Measure oxygen precisely at low levels – in line and off line. Determine all relevant parameters of your package.
Large particles

The monitoring system with old fashioned particle counting is your servant. However it does not detect larger particles which sink fast and deposit on your products. Determine particle deposition with specific instrumentation.